The Worst Thing To Do For Breakfast

The Worst Thing To Do For Breakfast

We're guilty -- we admit it. We skip breakfast nearly every day. Sometimes we even skip lunch, getting the bulk of our daily calories from a large dinner. This is one of the worst things that you can do for your metabolism, since you starve yourself all day and slow it down. Even if you're able to maintain your weight like this, it will eventually catch up with you. So our New Year's resolution is to start the day with a healthy breakfast, followed by at least a couple of snacks during the day, until we get used to eating several small meals a day instead of one large one.

While some yogurts and cereals can be a big no-no, since some of them contain a lot of sugar, plain Greek yogurt and some high-fiber cereals can be a great alternative if you're like us, pressed for time in the morning, and wanting something quick and heathy. Check out some recommendations at Livestrong and see how your breakfast choices stack up!

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