Based on personal experience, we agree with this article from The New York Times this weekend. It can be hard to have gratitude when life doesn't go your way, but it worked for us, so we're sharing it and hope it's helpful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier. by Arthur C. Brooks

Artwork by Carson Ellis

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As the wedding day approaches, everyone is caught up in the buildup of excitement, all of which leads some couples to mistake the celebration as the end of the process when it’s really anything but.

That is why before saying “I Do,” some couples are also committing to premarital counseling sessions to refocus their attention on each other and the lives they will lead together.

Unlike the sort of counseling that can come years after a couple’s union, premarital counseling is less about rehashing issues that they faced on the way to becoming a couple and more about addressing the disconnect or unrealistic expectations of “happy, roses and rainbows,” said Jocelyn W. Charnas, a clinical psychologist in Manhattan who counsels engaged couples.

“The fundamental point about premarital counseling is to lay a foundation for empathy, communication and partnership,” Dr. Charnas said.

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Whether you've just set your wedding date or have been married or in a relationship for years, having children is not necessarily a goal for some people.

Laura S. Scott, author of “Two Is Enough: A Couple’s Guide to Living Childless by Choice” and director of “The Childless by Choice Project,” tells Yahoo Parenting that there are generally five compelling motives in a woman’s decision to remain childfree: loving her life and feeling that a child won’t enhance it; valuing her freedom and independence; no mothering desire or maternal instinct; wanting to accomplish or experience things in life that would be difficult with a child; and not wanting the responsibility of raising a child.

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